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Contributor, Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy (Ten Speed Press, 2015)

“Life vs. Art,” Poets & Writers, January 2015

“Reality, Persona,” Essaying the Essay, Welcome Table Press, 2015

“Letter to James Franco,” Tin House, Summer 2014

“I Can’t Stop Thinking Through What Other People Are Thinking,” New Letters, Summer 2013; reprinted in The White Review, November 2013

“Prologue,” Mississippi Review, February 2013

“Literature Saved My Life!” Salon, February 8, 2013

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“How to Write Yourself Into Existence,” The New York Times Magazine, February 1, 2013

“Life Is Short—Art Is Shorter,” The Writer’s Chronicle, February 2013

“David Shields’s Favorite Books That Could Save a Life,” Goodreads, February 2013

“The Inspired Reader,” Poets & Writers, January 2013

“How Literature Saved My Life,” Ecotone, December 2012

“Softy for Softy,” Another Thing That Interests Me, March 20, 2012

“Saving My Life,” Little Star, 2012

“The Mute World War II Airman,” Significant Objects, Fantagraphics Books, 2012

“Softy for Softy,” Another Thing That Interests Me, March 20, 2012

“Real Life,” What to Read in the Rain, 826 Seattle, 2011

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“Long Live the Anti-Novel, Built from Scraps,” The Millions, May 17, 2010

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“What We’re All Looking For: Notes on Our Reality Hunger,” The Normal School, Spring 2010

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“Conversations with My Father: A Meditation on Life and Death,” nor, Spring 2007

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“Reality Hunger: A Manifesto,” The Believer, March 2006

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“Vince Carter as African-American” in Taking Sport Seriously: Social Issues in Canadian Sport (Thompson Educational Publishing), 2000

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“Problems and Solutions to Problems,” The Subject at the Vanishing Point,” “The Cultural Contradictions of Late Capitalism,” “The Cultural Contradictions of Early Capitalism: Postcards from Camp,” Bellingham Review, Spring 1996

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Short Stories

“The Imaginary Dead Baby Seagull,” Conjunctions, Fall 2007 (an early version of this story appeared in Between C and D, Fall 1989)

“Boys vs. Girls,” Witness, Fall 2005

“Flood,” Isotope, Winter 2004 (reprinted in substantially different version in Web Conjunctions, December 18, 2006)

“Deep Breathing,” Nerve, March 25, 2004 (reprinted in Conjunctions, Spring 2007)

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“Homeland Security,” Northwest Edge, 2003

“Properties of Language,” Yale Review, July 2001

“Ice,” Ploughshares, Spring 2001

“The Society,” Hayden’s Ferry Review, Spring/Summer 2000

“The Ecstasy of Looking: Six Proofs,” Conjunctions, Spring 2000

“Possible Postcards from Rachel, Abroad,” Web Conjunctions, February 15, 2000 (reprinted in German literary magazine Edit, Fall 2011)

“The Rachel Mysteries: A Trilogy,” Nerve, July 20, 1999

“Say Cincinnati,” Reaching Out, April 1997; reprinted in Listen With Your Heart, Friends Publications, 1998

“Audrey,” Listening to Ourselves: More Stories from “The Sound of Writing,” As Heard on National Public Radio, Anchor Books, 1994; “Stories on Stage” theatrical production of story, Chicago, 1995

“Gookus Explains the Eternal Mysteries,” Welter, 1992

“Interference,” Wind, Volume 22, #71, 1992

“Nothing,” Sun Dog: The Southeast Review, 1992

“Heart of a Dybbuk,” Confrontation, #48/49, Spring/Summer 1992

“The Fourth Wonder of the World,” Folio, Winter 1991-1992

“The Sixties,” Harper’s, December 1991

“The Heroic Mode,” Agni, #34, Fall 1991

“Dead Father,” The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Summer 1991

“Ode to the Donner Party,” Story, Summer 1991

“The Moon, Falling,” Black River Review, Summer 1991

“War Wounds,” Conjunctions, Spring 1991

“Mother’s Child,” Vital Lines: Contemporary Fiction about Medicine, St. Martin’s Press, 1990

“Contemporary Film Criticism,” Movieworks, The Little Theatre Press, 1990

“Notes on Suicide,” After Hours, Fall 1989

“The Gun in the Grass at Your Feet,” The Quarterly, Summer 1989; reprinted in English at Work, Glydendal, Norway, 1994

“Johnny Roseboro, Jim Gilliam, Tommy Davis, et al.,” The South Carolina Review, Spring 1989

“Naming Names,” Letting Go, February 1989; reprinted in To Say What Is Ours, National Stuttering Project, 1990

“Shadow and Glass,” Oxalis, Winter 1990

“Romania,” Letting Go, February 1989

“Third Rail,” Turnstile, January 1989

“Northern Light,” On the Edge, May 1989

“Oaxaca,” Lake Effect, Summer 1989

“Centrifugal Force,” Lake Effect, Summer 1989

“Wells,” From the Heartlands, Bottom Dog Press, December 1988

“Lies,” Lake Effect, Fall 1988

“Babies,” Northern Light, Summer 1988

“The War on Poverty,” Four Quarters, Fall 1988

“The Third Rail” (in a different version and under sponsorship of PEN Syndication), San Francisco Chronicle, January 12, 1986

“The Transportation of Dirt,” Northern Light, Spring 1986

“Arnie & The Boys,” Northern Light, Fall 1985


“Dying Is Easy,” “Tigre, Tigre, Burning Bright,” Knee-Jerk, September 2010

“The Sadness of the Yankee Fan,” Tin House, Spring 2010

Book Reviews

Matthew Battles, Palimpsest, The New York Times Book Review,  July 2015

Kevin Young, The Grey AlbumThe New York Times Book Review, April 20, 2012

Ander Monson, Vanishing Point, The New York Times Book Review, April 18, 2010

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